Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ultra 2018 - Pricing

Following our post last week on confirmation of the 5th anniversary of Ultra South Africa. This week we bring you the pricing and tier structure of tickets to next years event. Please note of the amazing early bird specials are limited so register now to gain access to these!

 Cape Town

 General Access
  • Early Bird: R600 (Limited)
  • Tier 1:        R700
  • Tier 2:        R800

  • Early Bird: R1000 (Limited)
  • Tier 1:        R1250
  • Tier 2:        R1500


 General Access
  •  Early Bird: R600 (Limited)
  • Tier 1:         R800
  • Tier 2:         R950

  •  Early Bird: R1000 (Limited)
  • Tier 1:         R1500
  • Tier 2:         R2000

  •  Early Bird: R3000 (Limited)
  • Tier 1:         R4000

*Table booking information coming soon*

Booking fees are excluded from prices. 

Follow Ultra SA on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on next years event. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Choon: Ferry Corsten - Wherever You Are ft HALIENE

From a young age, Ferry Corsten has been a firm favourite of mine, his music while being linked to a certain trend of trance always was unique and resonated with me well. His music while great also always has great meaning to it and he has a way to tie in the vocals with the beat so well, its almost as if you can hear the meaning in the beat as well as the words. His latest album Blueprint just proves this with many great tracks, today's specific song features the vocals of Haliene. Her voice is soulful and eerie but so good at the same time and which makes this track one my most played from Blueprint, I'm sure you guys will enjoy it just as much. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Ultra South Africa 2018

Its confirmed! For a 5th year running, this global dance festival will be visiting South Africa to mesmerize audiences in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Organisers confirmed yesterday that Ultra South Africa 2018 is a go with early bird registration now open! People can log onto the website and register to receive notification as soon as early bird tickets go on sale to avoid disappointment. 

Ultra SA is more than just a music festival, boasting state of the art stage, lighting, pyrotechnics and not forgetting the some of the best DJ's in the world, it's an experience that you won't forget. Dates and venues have been confirmed for both cities with Cape Town hosting first on February 9th at the iconic Cape Town Stadium in Greenpoint. It's the second year that this event will be hosted at this venue, last year saw thousands descend upon it and it proved to be easily accessible and a great venue at large for Ultra Cape Town. With Ultra SA 2018 being held there, it will just cement it as the venue for years to come. 

The following day, the 10th of February see's Ultra South Africa return to Johannesburg's Expo Center in Nasrec. It's very much the home of Ultra SA as it draws the largest crowds and greater atmosphere. The unparalleled festival venue will play host to the largest music show the people of Gauteng know and adore. Every year this one gets bigger and better , I speak from experience as I've attended everyone in Jhb since it's inception. 

As mentioned before, registration for early bird tickets to the 2018 shows will be done via their websites. One has to obtain an Ultra Passport on, complete this process as soon as possible or you will miss out! By getting your Ultra Passport, you will be part of the global Ultra Family which will put you in good steed to get tickets for other Ultra Global events. With this Ultra Passport you will earn points for every festival you attend and will be rewarded for them depending on what tier you're in. Points are earned for enrolling in the programme and attending events, and points are valid for 25 calendar months, so it makes sense for SA Ultranauts to register now and start earning!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lucas, he is a Scouser

10 years ago, when then Manager of Liverpool Football Club, Rafael Benitez introduced a young, blonde, long haired Brazilian as his latest signing, many were upbeat at this prospect. At the time, the Brazilian National team were the talk of world football, the passion, the flair and the pure entertainment value from the Brazilians were something to be admired. So as you can imagine, with Liverpool signing a midfielder from the South America, many were anticipating sort of the same from this lad. Little did we know what he was truly brought in for and the special place he filled in our hearts as supporters. 

Lucas first few seasons at Liverpool were not the greatest, he was  stubborn, young and lacked knowledge of the English game which saw him struggle a lot, this made many of the supporters growing impatient of the Brazilian, I was one of them. When I saw Lucas name on the starting 11, I would wonder what in the hell was Benitez thinking starting this guy. I was adamant he wouldn't last more than 3 seasons with us. Credit to Lucas though, despite the moans and groans, he kept at it, giving his all, whether it be in training or on the pitch. Soon enough this lad who couldn't speak a word of English was starting a family in Merseyside and speaking the tongue of the locals, Lucas was evolving into a true Scouse legend. 

He kept his profile low, got the job that was handed out to him down, soon did we realise, this little Brazilian wasn't brought in to do tricks and flicks, he was another breed of footballer, one which doesn't get much praise or limelight but one which ensured the team could be expansive knowing he kept a tight seal at the back. This was proved by not just Rafa who brought him in but for the managers that succeeded him at the helm. All of them had high praise for the hard work that Lucas put in for the team. Injuries did plague him during his 10 years at Anfield but even that didn't deter him from getting back into the first team as that famous speech Brendan Rodgers gave the team before Lucas started a game after being one year out injured. He kept the fight to recover faster than expected, he pushed himself in training to get back into that first team and to put on that red shit that meant as much to him, as it did to us. 

If one has to look at highlights of his career, there weren't many goals, nor did the goals he score be any spectacular ones but the biggest highlight was his fight and tenacity. It's this key aspect that held him in such high regards with his team mates and managers. With him departing Liverpool after 10 years, it really is a sad day for the club but with competition in the league at it's highest level in a long time, Lucas knows there isnt much he can do now due to age and limitations to help. When players leave with a good conscious for the club, you know they're putting the club before themselves and it's with this, Lucas just earned himself one of the highest respects as a Liverpool Football player. A player who many regard as an honorary Scouser, a true lad and a servant of the game. 

You'll Never Walk Alone, Lucas #ThankYouLucas

WHEN I first joined Liverpool ten years ago, I had three main ambitions. First, I wanted to win a place in the team, which I managed to do. Next, I hoped to prove myself worthy of the shirt, an aim that others will be better placed than me to decide whether or not it was achieved. Finally, I looked ahead to the future with a hope that if and when the time came to leave this wonderful club I would do so on the best possible terms. That time has now come as I prepare for a new career at Lazio and while I am saddened that my days at Anfield are coming to an end, I can at least take comfort from the knowledge that my relationship with Liverpool and the supporters is stronger than ever. This is one of the greatest clubs in the world and my intention had always been to spend the rest of my career here but the less I have been able to play, the more I have realised that I need to go to another club if I want to play as much as I possibly can. When you love a club and a city as much as I love Liverpool that isn't an easy decision to come to. The easiest thing for me to do would be to stay here for as long as I can even if I do not expect to play so often but that would go against everything that I believe in as a footballer and as a competitor. It is for that reason that I will be joining Lazio, which means my sadness at leaving Liverpool is accompanied by a real excitement that I will be representing one of Italy's great clubs. Before I made my decision to take the opportunity to go to Italy, I discussed my situation with Jurgen Klopp and the way he handled it showed once again how respectful he is to his players. I am grateful to him and to all of the managers I worked under at Liverpool, especially the ones who showed faith in me when it would have been easy to do the opposite.  My priority now is to look ahead to a new chapter in my career in the belief that I can contribute to Lazio in the same way that I hope I have helped Liverpool....
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Choon: Don Diablo - Cutting Shapes

Today's featured track is a bit of a throwback, the song was released last year in Ocotber but still is pretty popular at the moment. Dutch DJ and producer Don Diablo took the Aaron Smith classic Dancin' and gave a new spin on life with a rework of the track. As I said it's been pretty popular amongst most DJ's as many still feature the song in their live sets at many festivals. It's a great track and just the type of song you'd want to get the new working week going. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Popeyes in South Africa

So for those who know me, you know I'm a big fan of fried chicken, heck! part of the reason the name of this blog has to do with the crispy golden food. While my allegiances do tend to favour the one particular brand I'm always one for trying something new.  Which brings me to the topic of today's post, yesterday saw the first franchise store of the iconic American restaurant brand  "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen" open in South Africa. The store which is based in the Sandton City Mall food court has begun serving it's authentic Louisiana-inspired chicken to much fanfare as the queues were testament to this. Guests experienced the mouth-watering menu, with the favourite being the bone-in fried chicken which is available in two flavours, spicy or mild. There is also boneless options for those who prefer their chicken that way and a wide variety of signature sides, one of the favourites being cajun fries. 

Jaye Sinclair, the Chief Executive Officer for South African based, Siyaghopa Trading Group, the people responsible for bringing Popeyes to SA had this to say. "We're very excited to join the Popeyes family and bring the iconic brand to South Africa. We think our South African guests will love the signature blend of spices and flavours we'll bring the table". 

South Africa being a nation that loves their chicken, will enjoy the distinctive flavours of Popeyes fried chicken and tasty cajun fries. Here are a few facts about Popeyes to get you ready for your first experience. 

Where did Popeyes get its name?

  • Everyone thinks Popeyes got its name form the spinach-loving cartoon character, but the name actually came from a famous fictional 1970's detective, Detective Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle, the fictional lead character of the movie, 'The French Connection', is the real insparation behind the brand name. 
Popeyes around the world. 
  • Popeyes currently has restaurants in more than 25 countries.
  • The Popeyes restaurant in Sandton City, Johannesburg is the only Popeyes on the continent of Africa and the first to open in South Africa.

What makes Popeyes so unique?
  • Popeyes founder, Al Copeland, created one-of-a-kind chicken recipe that is marinated in Louisiana-inspired seasonings, then hand battered, breaded and fried. Creating a juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside chicken guests have been craving for more than 45 years. 
  • Popeyes has proprietary seasonings that are used to marinate the chicken for 12 hours, creating the richly seasoned flavours in both the mild and spicy versions. 
  • At least 60% of the employees at the Popeyes in Sandton City are first-time work-seekers from the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator who have been trained to meet Popeyes international requirements.
Spice...and all things nice
  • At Popeyes, flavour is everything! The Popeyes chicken recipe is based on a 300 year old culinary tradition, which incorporates a fusion of cooking styles, a rich blend of proprietary seasoning and spices sourced from around the globe, including Africa. 
  • Popeyes offers both well-seasoned mild chicken as well as a more spicy chicken option that South Africans are bound to love. 

What's a biscuit?
  • Have you heard of the famous American Biscuit but not had the pleasure of tasting? Ger your taste buds ready - this legendary American side dish is a specialty of Popeyes!
  • The delicious and freshly baked Popeyes Buttermilk Biscuit join a wide selection of authentic Signature Sides available on the local menu. 

For more information on Popeyes and to gander at their menu, visit and follow Popeyes South Africa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

*Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen South Africa will serve Halaal chicken and is certified by the South African National Halaal Authority. (SANHA)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bucket Seat: BMW 4 Series - First Impressions

The saying goes "time flys when you're having fun" and if you're an owner of a BMW 4 Series, that's just what you would be doing every time you drive yours. It's hard to believe the range has been in assistance for 4 years now, with the Coupe being launched in mid 2013 and the Convertible and Gran Coupe joining the ranks later in 2014. Since then BMW have sold over 400,000 units worldwide with a vast majority of sales coming from the USA with Europe in second place and 5,500 coming from South Africa. From those stats, BMW were able to establish that buyers of the 4 Series bought the cars because of the aesthetics and elegance the model offered. The 4 Series was brought in by BMW to differentiate the model from the popular 3 Series, while the car did borrow many attributes from the popular sedan, it was designed to give the driver a more dynamic and sporty experience.  Being at the end of it's cycle, I flew up last week to sample the updated 4 Series range which saw all three variants launch at one time. I spent the day driving the 4 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe while exploring the magnificent roads and sights of the Mpumalanga province.

So whats new? That's the question I got throughout the day on my social media accounts. Well not much has been changed in the overall look of the car but there are many subtle changes that make sense and add appeal to this already popular model. The tag line for the launch was "4 Means More" and the end user of the 4 Series is definitely getting more than before. The most striking change is the new hexagonal headlights, BMW has phased out the Xenon technology and opted for Bi-LED lights in the entire range with an option of having the Adaptive LED lights as an added extra. These lights don't just look pretty but work wonders on the road, giving the driver a further depth of sight at night and also is a much softer light for on coming drivers. The rear lights also received the LED treatment with progressive LED tech being used for them. The lights look great and add to the flow of the design and but are functional as well. 

Along with these, the new 4 Series also has a sense of exclusivity to it now with two new colours that are only available for this model range, that being Snapper Rocks Blue and Sunset Orange. Both extremely striking colours and certainly bring out the sporty and aggressive nature of the car. There is also some new rims that are available only for the 4 Series, again adding that element of individuality and ensuring that every 4 Series can be custom made for each prospective buyer. Moving into the car, much has remained the same with a few extra chrome touches around the dash, giving the car a more premium feel. The 4 Series also comes standard with BMW's business Satnav screen with the option to upgrade to the bigger professional Satnav screen which features BMW's new tile menu system which was launched in the new 7 Series. 

As far as cosmetics go, that is a bout it. The 4 Series range does come with the new engine variants which was phased into previous spec when the engines were introduced in 3 Series. That being the 420i, 430i, 440i and 420d and of course the much famed M4. Other performance enhancements of the 4 Series see's the car come in with a redesigned chassis, stiffer suspension, modified dampers, update ABS which gives the car a shorter breaking distance and better stability, all of which were put to the rest on my drive in both the 420d Coupe and the 420i Gran Coupe. It was had to differentiate the drives both cars gave you, as with the Gran Coupe, you not only have the extra doors but also a slight change in shape but the designers have done a brilliant job in give the driver the center of gravity, the seating position is lower, with the body being wider all adding up to more of an athletic performance and agile handling. I did feel over high speeds that the steering still remained rather loose on the Gran Coupe which is unbecoming a bit but the car proved to be stable and still jetted off in the intended direction. 

Pricing on the updated 4 Series is a lot compared to the 3 Series but one has to understand that this range is vastly different and offers the end user a lot more, not just in appearance but in as a total driving package. Also whats interesting to note is that the Coupe and the Gran Coupe are priced the same, so if you're looking a for a family car but still want it to be a fun and invigorating drive, the Gran Coupe would be ideal for you. For me that is my pick out of the bunch, it's practical, stylish and offers the exact same driving dynamics as its two door brother the Coupe so in essence you're getting more from the car than what you're paying. Overall the enhancements made to the updated 4 Series should prove to be a major selling point for the model in SA and I can see this one doing very well across the variants that is offered. 

 Gran Coupe
 R624,400 (Auto)
 R624,400 (Auto)
 R736,200 (Auto)
 R711,100 (Auto)
 R711,100 (Auto)
 R848,400 (Auto)
 R861,100 (Auto)
 R861,100 (Auto)
 R985,100 (Auto)
 R660,100 (Auto)
 R660,100 (Auto)
 *not available*
 R1,251,036 (Auto)
 *not available*
 R1,433,762 (Auto)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Choon: Fedde Le Grand vs Ian Carey - Keep On Rising

Dutch House DJ Fedde Le Grand needs no introduction, ever since his hit track "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit" went viral in 2006, he's been one of those DJ's that were always on the scene and one to look out for at any major festivals. No doubt one of his most sort after sets come from Miami Music Week where he is one of the popular artists to play on the Ultra Main Stage, this coming from his other hit track with Nicky Romero, "Sparks". Fedde of recent has been experimenting with some pop culture in his music but one of his most recent releases features the a classic by Ian Carey "Rise" and Fedde has given a make over of this 2008 track. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017


The vodka that celebrates the creativity in urban culture, Russian Bear, is taking its #IAMNEXT campaign to the next level, by calling all rappers with talent based in Gauteng to bring their flow to Russian Bear’s custom designed mobile recording studio. Hitting the road from June 16th to July 23rd, live recording sessions will be staged in community venues across Gauteng.
“We’ll be coming to a hood near you to unearth the freshest talent in the South African hip hop scene. Aspiring rappers will get an opportunity to record their own demo track with Psyko Beats. While on our journey, the freshest rapper with the winning demo will score a recording deal for a co-lab single with Kwesta, produced by Makwa Beats and released by Raplyf Records,” explains Russian Bear brand manager, Simone Burns.
If you think you have what it takes to be discovered in the Russian Bear #IAMNEXT tour, be sure to purchase a 750ml or 1l bottle of Premium Russian Bear Vodka and visit to register for one of the mobile recording sessions listed below.
Be part of the #IAMNEXT revolution. We bring the studio, you bring the flow. T’s & C’s apply.
  • Jubees Place (Soweto), Friday 16 June, 12pm - 4pm
  • Mzala's Place (Soweto), Friday 16 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • Mochacho's Lost City (Katlehong), Saturday 17 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • 707 Panyaza (Soweto), Sunday 18 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • Thibo's Cafe (Mamelodi), Thursday 22 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • Lavianto Lounge (Trevenna), Friday 23 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • eSocialink (Soweto), Saturday 24 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • Mboma's Place (Soweto), Sunday 25 June, 12pm - 4pm
  • Cherry On Top (Soweto), Sunday 25 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • The Blue Room (Hatfield), Wednesday 28 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • Liquid Zone (Soshanguve), Friday 30 June, 6pm - 10pm
  • Good Hope Tavern (Sasolburg), Saturday 1 July, 12pm - 4pm
  • Baloboza (Sharpville), Saturday 1 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Palms Lounge and Grill (Soweto), Sunday 2 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Thabiso@Mams (Mamelodi), Friday 7 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Stoep 15 (Alexandra), Saturday 8 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Dans Hope (Diepsloot), Saturday 8 July, 12pm - 4pm
  • Hope Tavern (Soshanguve), Friday 14 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Roof on Top (Mapetla), Saturday 15 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Black Ball Fever (Mamelodi East), Sunday 16 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • TRT2 (Mamelodi West), Sunday 16 July, 12pm - 4pm
  • Europa Lounge (Sunnyside), Friday 21 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Jazz House (Katlehong), Saturday 22 July, 6pm - 10pm
  • Da Venue (KwaThema Springs), Saturday 22 July, 12pm - 4pm
  • Club TT (Orangefarm), Sunday 23 July, 12pm - 4pm
  • Mojapere Place (Sebokeng), Sunday 23 July, 6pm - 10pm

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bucket Seat: KIA Soul

Korean Motor manufacturer KIA has been in the market long enough to be considered a major player when it comes to contributing to vehicle sales in South Africa. They offer a wide range of vehicles, from compact hatch-backs, small sedans to large SUV and small trucks. While I always felt KIA did have the edge in terms of design and quality from the other Korean brands, as most models of theirs were straight cut and formal, but they had something quirky up their sleeves when they made today's reviewed car, the Soul. When it comes to the Soul, there's generally two reactions you get from people when they see it, either they wonder what the hell is that thing or they love it, for my I fall in the latter half as I do quite like the design. As I said, KIA had it's aim on attacking the market that most luxury German manufacturers have and with this car, it shows they're also have a playful side to them as it incorporates a lot of fun elements which makes the car pretty cool and trendy. 


The big thing about the the Soul is how it looks, as the interior apart from one or two rad designs is pretty much stock standard to any other KIA out there. The design of the Soul is big and bold which not only makes the car look great but in tern transpires into a very spacious and roomy cabin for its passengers. The design while bold is also quite clever with acute angles and bulges in the right place to enhance the cars aesthetics which gives it a mixture between a city car and a sport hatch. Yes, I know you probably looking at the car and saying "there's nothing sporty about it" but you would be wrong, while the car sits rather high, the roof has a slant to it which is matched with the window line giving it that sleek finish and the rear wheel arches protrude the body almost giving it that rally car feel, The rear lights are quite funky as well with it being quite large and trying into the rear with thick black outlines. Some might consider the Soul to be something funky but it's more of a modern day city car/ MPV.


I honestly thought the Soul just came in one engine type but soon did I realise there was actually 7 derivatives available! Starting off from the 1.6 DCT DSL Smart, right up to the range topping 1.6 MT Start. I had the only diesel engine in the line up, the 1.6 Diesel MT Start, it is an in-line 4 cylinder, 16 valve power plant which produces, 94kW and 260Nm of torque. Not bad for a 1.6 litre engine. It features a Common Rail Direct Injection system, better know as CRDi, which really helps performance and keeps the fuel economy at a minimum. The engine is also damn silent compared to most other Diesel engines. Apart from the noise on start-up, the only other way I would have known it was a diesel is when I went to fill up and saw the diesel stickers on the inside of the fuel cap. Suffice to say with the brilliant economy I was getting, I didn't need to fill the car up during my week with it. The car although big, is pretty light so on take-off it is pretty nippy and with it being a manual transmission, this helped me test the peaks of the acceleration but mind you, this is a city car so it won't be competing with any hot hatches. I love the manual gearboxes on the KIA's, they're so smooth and accurate combined with that soft clutch, the gears just flow like a hot knife through butter. 


With its big shell, the Soul does had a lot of interior space, it is extremely spacious in the cabin for all passengers. As mentioned with the sloping roof line, the rear passengers do sit a bit lower than the front to avoid any nasty head bashes but they still have enough leg room in the back. Not quite sure how they managed that but props to the design team! The ride quality is something that I admired on the Soul, with its box like nature I would have imagine it to be a bit difficult to steer on the road but had none such trouble. Even it's maneuverability quite astonishing with it managing to turn the tightest angles and where in some case most cars require a three-point-turn, the Soul does it in one swing!


With there being so much space in the car, you'd expect lots of storage space as well. While the trunk is pretty decent and can load enough luggage for a small getaway, the rest of the car does have it's fare share of compartments to store things in. The glove box is fairly adequate and there are many small storage areas to keep small items safely and securely. Also the sunglasses compartment could actually fit my sunglasses in! Which made me very happy as I normally end up storing them in the side of the door or in the center with keys and other items that might scratch the lens.


Overall the KIA Soul is a very underrated MPV, it's a City Car that works well in the city and doesn't do that badly when doing long distances, obviously this is helped by it's spacious cabin and the very economical diesel engine. The car is perfect for those small but growing families, and can serve many purposes, from being a car for dropping off and picking up the kids from school or sports to going to work in the highly conjested CBD.  It's funky, looks cool and you can spec this car up to your personality with a variety of colours and options, with even some two tone options to really bring out the design of the car. A major plus for the car is that it is very practical which in the end of the has me giving it two thumbs up. 


 1.6 liter Diesel 4 cylinder CRDi
 Gear Box
 6 speed manual
 Top Speed
10.8 seconds
 R 329,995*